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At Mulligan's Sports Bar & Casino, we are passionate about food, drinks, and friends. Whether you are looking to try our mouthwatering Wagyu Burgers, our Naan wraps or pizzas, or gather around a sharable app, Mulligan’s was built with you in mind. Wings, salads a dozen tap, wine, and 9 shelves of spirits ensure there’s always something to enjoy.

It’s your hometown bar for sports, special days, or getting together with the group. We have bar-style and family-style seating, so we have you covered no matter what you may be celebrating. Could be a special day, a group get-together, or connecting on date night.

Daily specials (Monday through Thursday) and Happy Hour specials will have you saying “Let’s do that again!” Sometimes the day just needs a do-over. Mulligan’s Sport’s Bar & Casino is a great way to re-write the day.

We have big screens all with a great view no matter where you are sitting, and a full casino with even more big screens. Great space between machines so you can really enjoy your time. There are beverage specials for active players.